What is it ?

A range with 4 different flavoured waters Aloe vera, witch is infused through a very origonal and unic infusion of Aloe vera the safety of a process that we completly handle and control, and the garentee of being the leader of the market.
It’s the only one of our drinks that is made without any pulp, you can find it in shops with flavoured waters iced tea or infusions.





How it’s made ?

How it’s made ?

Green and Engaged

One of our main mission is to ensure the creation of a positive work environment. Bringging our workers together by involving them in social and environmental action remains a priority. We are also very close to our farmers who are working in a cooroperative system, whitch permits the delivery of fresh Aloe Vera on a daily basis, we are active in helping them better the quality of their production so they can eventually obtain the organic certification by Ecocert .

We are doing as much as we can to respect the principles of sustainable development, for instance, the ingredients we use in our recipes are 100% natural (Aloe vera ,flavours, sugar cane) and we do not use any chimicals in our daily operations.

Eloa : orginal recipe with pulp
want to feel the crunch ? Discover ELOA,
a “pleasure” and fresh , drink,
with freshly harvested pulp of aloe vera
for all the cotumers who want to
try new flavours an taste experiences.